The mission statement of CBS International, is to strive constantly to improve the quality and efficiency of its services that go beyond client’s expectations, further building on their trust when it comes to property advice services.

Our local market aim is to become client’s preferred choice of property adviser, acting solely up to their requirements and expectations.

We will fulfil this through the achievement of the defined strategic goals, creativity, integrity, professionalism and expertise of our people, through their utter commitment in identifying and adjusting the services to suit individual client’s needs, while working up to and reaching far beyond their expectations.

We believe we will in this way add further value to the business performance of our clients, owners and wider community, as well as enable continuous development of our people.

We will achieve this through:

  • Understanding our Client’s needs
  • Full commitment to meeting all prevailing regulatory requirements
  • Encouraging adequate and continuous personal development of all employees
  • Constant internal and external control of our procedures and systems
  • Continuous improvement of identified primary processes, quality and people management systems
  • Prompt response to any deficiencies to take systemic preventative measures with an aim to minimize such occurrences and overcome the same in accordance with the client’s expectations, while following contractual, regulatory and global requirements.