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Multipurpose business building ideal for a showroom

Property ID: 1301
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    Kisela Voda
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    5€ / m²

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Property Description

Multipurpose commercial object ideal for showroom, office space, retail and distribution center, small production and distribution, storage and sales etc. The object gross built area is 970m2 with following capacities:
258m2 – underground level, 258m2 – ground level, 274m2 – first floor, 180m2 – second floor. Flexible office/open space concept sanitaria and M/F toilets kitchenette cargo and passenger elevator.
Heating and cooling with high quality and efficient Toshiba chiller system and fan coilers. Modern glass glazed and aluminum façade with high coefficient of thermal and soundproof insulation.
Excellent brand awareness possibilities on very frequent location

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