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Office space with a great location in the center

Property ID: 1323
This property is for rent


  • ID no
  • Size
  • Location
    Skopje city center
  • Price
    As agreed

Features & Amenities

  • Сопствен паркинг простор
  • Mожност за модуларно преградување со ефикасно греење и ладење
  • Индустриски стил
  • Одлична локација
  • Mожност за проширување

Property Description

Office space for rent on excellent location close to the Skopje city center. The offices are in size of 1,400m2 with possibilities to expand. Finished in industrial style with option for modular rooming and efficient heating and cooling system. Large dedicated parking place in front of the offices.
For more information: 072/244-400

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