Whether assessing the viability of potential acquisitions, reviewing performance of existing assets or assessing the best use of properties, our skilled property consultants give valuation and strategic advice on a wide range of capital market transactions.

Our valuations are prepared in accordance with The RICS Appraisal and Valuation Standards, latest edition. Traditionally there are three general approaches to valuing business assets: the Replacement Cost Approach, the Sales Comparison Approach and the Income Capitalization Approach. Each views the valuation problem from different perspectives, considers data from different sources and has both strengths and weaknesses.

  • Certified valuers according to local Macedonian law and RICS certified valuers of key international and domestic banks in Serbia and Montenegro
  • Over 1000 valuations in all property market segments
  • We undertake regular Valuations of all types of properties:
  • Office
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • Residential & mixed-use
  • Industrial and logistics
  • Development land
  • Alternative investments
  • Property portfolios