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4 floor Grade A office space for rent

Property ID: 1379
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Features & Amenities

  • Excellent Location
  • Канцелариски простор од класа А
  • Modern-schick colorful office space designed interior
  • Advanced HVAC system
  • Separate server room and machine room
  • Whole facility constructed according to the ISO27001 standard for physical and environmental security.
  • Office furniture meets ISO 24496 specifications
  • Full access control system with monitoring and points on all doors.
  • Complete CCTV system monitoring all exterior and interior spaces.
  • Alarm system with controls for every floor and every room.
  • Generator that operate completely independent of the grid
  • Elevator from -1 level to the top of the building

Property Description

Fully furnished tech space primed for collaboration, balanced with a restful waterside setting and welcoming green space. Over 1.300 sq m of future-ready flexible environment with open
floorplates, balconies and terraces to every level.-

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